Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can join ad posting/copy paste work?

Ans. Anyone across the globe can join the ad posting/copy paste work.

2. Is there any investment for joining?

Ans. Its 100% FREE.

3.How much I can earn per posting?

Ans. As a FREE member you can earn INR.1.0/- per copy paste.Upgraded members can earn as per individual plan like Rs.2,3,5 etc.

4. Can FREE member can upgrade to other plans?

Ans. Yes. You can pay upgradation amount and reap the benifits

5. Is there any deduction from net earning?

Ans. Yes. 10% from your net earning will be deducted for report checking and administration charges

6. How many ads I can post on a classified?

Ans. You can post ONE ad per month on same site. More than one ad on same site shall be rejected.

7. The earned amount showing in Dashboard is final earning?

Ans. No. It means you are posted ad successfully.We review your report once you post 500 ads. Your report will be verified for the accuracy.Verified earning will be issued to given account.